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Nothing makes a more dramatic statement about your home than does the selection of windows and doors. Windows and exterior doors are seen by all who pass your way, and their visual impact has the potential to literally make passers-by stop and stare in wonder and admiration. Stunning exterior windows and doors can be can significantly benefit the overall value of your home. Visit our Door and Window Outlet Showroom to inspect different types and styles.


We offer a free quote and consultation service to ensure that your selection will meet your needs, provide maximum benefits to improve the overall look and style of your home. Installing doors and windows is a task for highly skilled homeowners, but most of our home renovation clients choose our repair services of professional window and door installation as this is a free services offered at the Perth Door and Window Replacement Company.


Educate yourself as to available options in both the construction and technology of windows and doors. You’ll learn that window and door glass have different insulating properties. Australia uses a WERS (Windows Energy Rating Scheme) which includes specific measures of insulating efficiency. It is not necessary to understand the technical details, but it can be helpful to understand the basics of two numbers: the Uw value and the SHGC. Don’t panic, these are easy to understand.


The U value measures how well the window keeps heat in your house. Window glass with low U values allows more heat to escape than windows with a higher U value. The SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) measures how much heat your home will gain from the Sun. If your home faces an open field where the sun will be beating down on your windows all day, a high SHGC means your summer air conditioning bills may be as dramatic as the appearance of the windows! If you live in an area where winter cold is more important than summer heat, you might want windows which will allow the sun to warm your home.

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