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Perth Window and Door Replacement Company offers a 10 year guarantee on all labour and materials. That’s 3 years more than the duration adhered to as an industry standard.

We’re so confident in our ability to provide you with quality services and products, extending the guarantee to 10 years is only natural. By extending our guarantee, we believe we are extending your peace of mind.

Perth Window and Door Replacement Company is a participating member of the Australian Window Association (AWA) Accreditation Program. That means we are committed to the Industry Code of Conduct. In addition, we have met the requirements of the annual AWA Compliance Audit.

The Australian Window Association is comprised of over 400 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia. More importantly, AWA members have products tested to Australian Standard AS2047.

When you purchase products manufactured to Australian Standard AS2047, you can be confident they are made to withstand Australian conditions. Purchasing inferior products can lead to costly repairs in the future.

The Building Code of Australia requires compliance with AS2047. Indeed, AS2047 is the mandatory minimum specification for windows and doors used in Australia. Therefore, this Australian Standard includes compliance with the Glass Standard AS1288.

To give you an idea of the exacting standards to which Perth Window and Door Replacement Company complies, below is a list of performance tests applied to our products.

  • AS4420.2 Deflection Test – positive and negative wind pressures are applied to the face of the window to test the maximum deflection under wind load.
  • AS4420.3 Operating Force Test – to verify that an opening sash is capable of opening and closing without undue effort.
  • AS4420.4 Air Infiltration Test – the air leakage of a window is tested to ensure energy and acoustic efficiency.
  • AS4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test – this test is designed to ensure no water leaks through the window into the building.
  • AS4420.6 Ultimate Strength Test – negative and positive wind pressures are applied to the window to at least 1.5 times the design wind pressure to ensure it does not fail in unusual wind conditions.

Before you purchase windows or doors, look for a Performance Label which confirms they are certified to comply with Australian Standard AS2047. You’ll find these labels on Perth Window and Door Replacement Company products.